SmartFace Station

SmartFace Station v5_1.25.1

Release date: 10-June-2024

Release notes
  • Camera name was added into camera preview on Security dashboard.
  • Support for the OpenVINO toolkit has been discontinued. It powered our Body Parts Detector, therefore this option has been removed from the camera configuration.
Technical Changelog


  • Introduction of common package and code quality improvements by removing duplicates
  • Added better validation to Autolearn thresholds
  • Fixed pedestrian confidence threshold (in Camera configuration setting)

SmartFace Station v5_1.24.3

Release date: 12-April-2024

Release notes


  • Centralized configuration for smart cameras
    • New configuration settings for smart cameras have been added into Edge stream configuration detail.
    • It allows you to configure the SFE Stream processor and provides you possibility to upload license for your smart camera (Edge stream).
    • Edge stream health status was added into configuration detail.

SmartFace Station v5_1.23

Release date: 06-March-2024

Release notes


  • Camera and Edge Stream Configuration Detail
    • We have redesigned the user interface for configuring camera and edge stream settings.
    • This update provides users with easier options to configure parameters, enhancing the overall user experience.


  • Data retention management

    • Users can now easily manage data retention and clean up their database using the Configuration page in SmartFace Station, making the process smoother and improving the user experience.
  • Service Information

    • For developers and users requiring more detailed information, we’ve introduced the Service Info feature.
    • By enabling this feature in the Configuration page, users can access additional developer details in specific parts of the SmartFace Station, including Ids of faces, tracklets, cameras and more.
Technical Changelog


  • Logging option added (with file rotation). For more information, see chapter Logging in SmartFace Station.
  • Ability to register a new member when there is no watchlist (from Detection detail)
  • Ability to turn on read-only API mode for Watchlists
  • Displaying IDs in details
  • DB cleanup configuration in settings


  • Camera and Edge stream configuration page updated (Dropdowns with common options)
  • URL format is now without Base64 encoding

SmartFace Station v5_1.22

Release date: 05-February-2024

Release notes


  • Last appearances - the match notification detail has been enhanced with a new section, thanks to which you can view the last appearances of this watchlist member.
  • Bounding boxes - now displayed on full frames in notifications
  • Image preview - full frame preview with additional download functionality
  • Download images - you can now download images straight from notification details
  • Connection between face and body - enhanced notification detail for faces and pedestrians includes crop image of linked face/body. It provides also possibility to open notification detail of linked face/body.
  • UX improvement - within camera configuration you can visit the History Dashboard with event’s filtered by the camera


  • Removed dependency on SFApi service from Windows Installer
  • Recent event filtering improvements

SmartFace Station v5_1.21

Release date: 13-December-2023

Release notes


  • New Cameras page

    • The SmartFace Station was enhanced with the Cameras page. You can now seamlessly register cameras and edge streams, manage them, and configure settings.
  • The Watchlists synchronisation to Edge streams

    • Now, you can select specific watchlists and synchronize them to chosen edge streams, all within the edge stream configuration interface.
  • Watchlist Member Detail Access from notifications

    • When you receive a match notification related to a watchlist member, you can now open their detailed information with a single click.


  • History events filtering
    • The latest release brings an improvement to the history page with advanced event filtering capabilities. Advanced filters enable more precise and efficient navigation through historical data.

SmartFace Station v5_1.20

Release date: 11-October-2023

Release notes


  • The SmartFace introduced new functionality - Watchlist synchronization to edge streams.

    • Now, it is possible to synchronize watchlist members registered in SmartFace with Edge streams and perform matching on these edge devices.
    • It’s important to note that this functionality is turned off by default, but it is easy to change in edge stream configuration detail in Watchlist synchronisation section.
  • Face save strategy setting was added into video processing in Investigation dashboard. Now, it is possible to set The strategy for saving data from all face detections,

Technical Changelog


  • Watchlist synchronization for edge streams in Configuration page
  • Face save strategy setting was added to video record detail and processing form


  • Pedestrian attributes fixed in Notification detail
  • Pedestrian resource IDs options extended in Camera configuration
  • Notification filter setting fix in Security page

SmartFace Station v5_1.19

Release date: 18-August-2023

Release notes


  • The SmartFace Station has introduced Object detection.
    • Object Notification Detail: Users can now view detailed information on detected objects.
    • Enhanced History Page: The filtering functionality on the history page has been improved with the addition of Object Detection filters. Users can now easily filter three object categories: vehicles, animals, and other common objects.
    • Camera Configuration: Users can now enable Object Detection and select specific object types to be detected by the camera. This feature provides greater control over the detection process and allows for a more customized experience.


  • UX design improvement in Edge stream configuration detail.
Technical Changelog


  • Object detection support in Security dashboard, Recent events, History page and Configuration.


  • Updated main headers.
  • Updated pedestrian attributes filters.
  • Redesigned the Edge stream configuration page.
  • Added “none” option for the Pedestrian Attributes Extractor Resource.

SmartFace Station v5_1.18

Release date: 25-July-2023

Release notes


  • The SmartFace Station now includes enhanced pedestrian attributes such as clothes and accessories in pedestrian notification detail. Additionally, you can search historical data using the improved pedestrian attributes filter.
    Note that this feature, called “Pedestrian attributes extraction,” is disabled by default but can be easily enabled in the camera configuration detail.
  • The ability to set Pedestrian Save Strategy in camera configuration detail was added. It allows for more efficient storage of pedestrian information.


  • User experience improvements have been made to the camera configuration detail.

SmartFace Station v5_1.17

Release date: 07-July-2023

Release notes


  • SmartFace Station has introduced an Identification dashboard that allows for quick person identification against watchlist members. This feature supports identification from both uploaded images and images captured by the device’s camera.
  • The ability to customize the color of the watchlist has been added.
  • The video processing settings now include the option to enable full frame saving.
  • Small design improvements on Security dashboard and History event page.


  • Display of tracklets on Security dashboard was optimized.


  • Issue with persistency of Camera preview settings was fixed.
  • Problem with appearance of notifications on Security dashboard was fixed.
Technical Changelog


  • Identification page (Desktop, Tablet) for quick watchlist member search based on photos taken on local devices
  • Watchlist color integration
  • Mobile layout support for Identification, Watchlists and Configuration page with PWA capability
  • Tracklet images in notification detail with lazy loading on scroll
  • Ability to turn on/off full-frame saving in camera settings


  • Bumped dependency versions (React 18, Node 18)
  • History page GraphQL query performance optimization
  • Updated recent event settings for cameras with no enabled cameras
  • Switching cameras in security page settings is now persistent after page refresh
  • S3 configuration update

SmartFace Station v5_1.15.0

Release date: 15-February-2023

Release notes


  • Possibility to customize Feedback display by adding your own brand images and texts.

  • The Feedback display was enhanced with a notification if the detected person was not identified as a member of any watchlist.

  • Source type icon design improvements were added.


  • Improved filter scrolling on History event page and Investigation dashboard.

  • Improved error handling of AUTH0 authentication.


  • Ability to run SmartFace Station without Access Controller.

  • Small design bugfixes.

Technical Changelog


  • Feedback display configuration based on branding images and texts

  • Added ability to run SmartFace Station without Access Controller


  • Updated source type icon in notification detail

  • Display tooltip on hover over Camera/Edge stream name with full name

  • Improved filter scrolling in History and Investigation page

  • Video records preview images in investigation page.


  • DOT camera show warning message when no web camera is available

  • Better error handling of AUTH0 authentication

SmartFace Station v5_1.14.1

Release date: 21-December-2022

Release notes


  • An issue with camera selection persistency in preview windows on the Security Dashboard page was fixed.

  • The environment variable values reader is now case-insensitive.

SmartFace Station v5_1.14

Release date: 06-December-2022

Release notes


  • The hiding of functionalities by license type was implemented.

  • Video preview image of video records in processed state was added.

  • Small design improvement of notification detail in security page were added.


  • Issue with the last tracklet image.
Technical Changelog


  • OData API calls are replaced by GraphQL.

  • Introduction of feature flags for Watchlist and Edge streams.

  • Auth0 integration (JWT token verification and propagation to APIs).

  • License error messages for adding cameras and Edge streams.

  • Video record preview in Investigations board.

SmartFace Station v5_1.13.1

Release date: 21-October-2022

Release notes


  • Use oldest regular face as default face for watchlist member.

  • Performance of Security page has been improved.

SmartFace Station v5_1.13

Release date: 06-October-2022

Release notes


  • Configuration of edge streams from devices supporting SmartFace Embedded was added to the configuration section.

  • Event notifications from edge streams are displayed on the security dashboard and on the history page.

  • A new source type filter was added to the history page.

  • Edge stream input was integrated into the access control process.

  • Video list filtering in the investigation dashboard was added.

  • Video detail for processed videos in the investigation dashboard was extended with a statistics section.

  • A new input validation of processing attributes in rapid video processing added.

Technical Changelog


  • Time filtering in Video list

  • Statistics in video detail

  • Display Edge stream device in recent events settings (Security page)

  • Add/Edit Edge stream device

  • Filter for Tags, Status, Search by name (Investigation page)

  • Source type filter in History page

  • Forced roles

  • Use-case oriented admin roles

  • Support for Edge streams in Access control

  • Spoof detector configuration in Edge stream detail


  • Deleting watchlist do not deletes watchlist members

  • ESC button is working on CAMERA (take photo) component

  • New design for rows in History page

  • Coarse grain interval validator added to Video record reprocess form

SmartFace Station v5_1.12

Release date: 12-August-2022

Release notes


  • A new investigation module has been implemented. This allows to upload and process video files faster than real-time.

  • A new notification detail has been introduced with enhanced information for faces and pedestrians.

  • Watchlist autolearn section has been extended with a “mask selection threshold"for autolearn template clustering.

  • New modal confirmations have been added.

  • Small design improvements.

Technical Changelog


  • Investigation board with Video list, Video detail and Video Uploader modal

  • Modal confirmation added for some user action

  • Add mask selection threshold to autolearn configuration


  • Notificaction detail css fixes and components layout improvements

  • Roles updated for Investigation board funtionality

SmartFace Station v5_1.11.1

Release date: 12-July-2022

Release notes


  • Notification detail should work without permanent datastorage (SMAR-1933)

SmartFace Station v5_1.11.0

Release date: 06-June-2022

Release notes


  • Possibility to configure custom labels for watchlist members, which are set of unique key value pairs. You can add more information about watchlist members in watchlist member´s detail.


  • Small design improvements
Technical Changelog


  • Locking Station section based on logged user role (SMAR-1916)

  • Labels support for watchlist members (SMAR-1912)

SmartFace Station v5_1.10

Release date: 25-May-2022

Release notes


  • Information about all detected faces within the tracklet has been added to the person notification detail.

  • Information about all detected pedestrians within the tracklet has been added to the pedestrian notification detail.

  • “Pedestrian size” information has been added to the pedestrian notification detail.

  • “Face Size” information has been added to the face match notification detail.

Technical Changelog


  • Face size and Pedestrian size in notification detail (SMAR-1901)

  • Detected face filter in history page fix (SMAR-1911)

  • Notification detail - show tracklet images (SMAR-1851)

SmartFace Station v5_1.9

Release date: 15-March-2022

Release notes


  • Registration of a new watchlist member from the “no match” notification detail.

  • Add an image of detected face to the existing watchlist member from the “no match” notification detail.

  • Add an image of detected face to the identified watchlist member from match notification detail.

  • Ability to add a face image to the face filter on the event history page using the built-in or external USB camera.

  • Ability to add a face image in watchlist member registration process using the built-in or external USB camera

  • An animation has been added to the feedback display waiting screen.

  • Ability to configure a new ResourceID type for each camera.


  • Small bug fixes.
Technical Changelog


  • Config page redesign (SMAR-1659)

  • Ability to take photo using DOT camera component (SMAR-1783)

  • Access denied fix in Feedback display (SMAR-1801)

  • Feedback display empty screen animated logo (SMAR-1787)

  • Fix error on history page when match result does not contain face (SMAR-1806).

  • Register new member from detection detail (SMAR-1546)

  • Add image to existing watchlist member from detection detail (SMAR-1547)

  • Add image to existing member from match detail (SMAR-1648)

  • Spanish localization (SMAR-1860)

SmartFace Station v5_1.8.2

Release date: 17-February-2022

Release notes
  • Fixed rare case of History page crash which could happen if queried match result did not contain face.

SmartFace Station v5_1.8.1

Release date: 15-December-2021

Release notes


  • Broken design on add watchlist member page fixed

  • Speed optimization on history events page

SmartFace Station v5_1.8.0

Release date: 05-November-2021

Release notes


  • New face filter on history page added.


  • Introduced special history page layout for lower resolution screens, tablets.

  • Default color of the bounding box for the detected face, identified person and detected pedestrian in the encoded output streams changed.

  • The SmartFace versioning system has changed. The SmartFace Station version is prefixed by the marketing version v5.


  • Small bug fixes of filtering on history page.

SmartFace Station 1.7

Release date: 29-October-2021

Release notes
  • History events page with advanced filtering added

  • Camera configuration extended (pedestrian detectors settings, stream preview configuration)

  • Branding for Feedback display added

Technical Changelog


  • Very new History events page with new GraphQL (SMAR-1627) that includes:

    • Basic filters: Camera, Watchlists, Face mask status, matching score, age and gender (SMAR-1644).

    • Date and time filters (SMAR-1643).

    • Basic responsive layout (SMAR-1656).

    • Implementation of linear score (SMAR-1731).

    • Advanced filtering logic (SMAR-1737).

  • Several new fields added to Camera settings (SMAR-1635).

  • Ability to change custom logo in Feedback display (SMAR-1727).

  • Security dashboard was almost completely migrated to the new GraphQL (SMAR-1738).

SmartFace Station 1.6

Release date: 25-August-2021

Release notes


  • Security event notification detail added for detected face - no match

  • Security event notification detail added for identified person - match

  • Security event notification detail added for detected pedestrian

SmartFace Station 1.5

Release date: 17-June-2021

Release notes
  • Security Dashboard - new dashboard added with two camera previews and recent events list

  • Cameras preview settings added

  • Recent events settings added

  • Initial load of the recent events list on Security Dashboard

  • Linear score visualization and configuration added

  • Spoof detection, configurable for each camera in the camera configuration

  • Camera input fields validation messages changed

  • Several small bug fixes

Technical Changelog


  • SF Access Station was renamed to SF Station.

  • Security dashboard that includes:

    • displaying notifications of pedestrians and detections and matches

    • filtering of notifications

    • displaying recent notifications when page is refreshed

  • Camera previews and its settings.

  • Dockerization of UI.

  • Implementation of linear score.

  • Added spoofcheck-related parameters to configuration of camera.

  • Reset of internal settings after update on newer version.

SmartFace Station 1.4

Release date: 07-April-2021

Release notes
  • The spoof notification added on the Access Control Dashboard

  • New badge icon for face mask and autolearn images in watchlist member detail

  • Watchlist members pagination improvements

  • Adding members to the watchlist improvements

  • Other minor graphic adjustments

SmartFace Station 1.3

Release date: 01-February-2021

Release notes
  • The pagination of watchlist members added for easier handling of long lists of your enrolled users

  • Lots of small details updated in UI for improved experience

  • The visualization of watchlist autolearn clusters added for possibility to recognize which image belongs to a which cluster of autolearn feature

  • Beta version of video preview page with SmartFace Platform notifications

SmartFace Station 1.2

Release date: 21-December-2020

Release notes
  • Possibility to add/remove images to existing watchlist member

  • Access Station now provides a possibility to show notifications on your mobile devices, so you can use it as a feedback display

  • More robust Access Station and Access Controller connection handling

  • Several bug fixes, validations and improvements of toast messages

SmartFace Station 1.1

Release date: 09-November-2020

Release notes

Possibility to custom brand the Access Station

More robust web browser and web server connection handling

Configuration screen works when Access Controller is not connected

New logo of SmartFace product replaced

SmartFace Station 1.0

Release date: 08-September-2020

Release notes
  • Initial release