Trigger alarms in XProtect

It is possible to trigger alarms in XProtect based on the notifications about detected and identified persons sent from SmartFace.

Before you can set up an alarm, it is necessary to define an Analytics Event in Milestone XProtect Management Client for every type of event (detected and identified) received from SmartFace. Analytics Events must be named the same as the events received from SmartFace. You can find the event names from SmartFace in the messages displayed in XProtect Smart Client.

Please follow these steps to define Analytics Events:

  1. Open Milestone XProtect Management Client.

  2. Unfold Rules and Events in Site Navigation.

  3. Right-click Analytics Events.

  4. Click Add New …

  5. Choose the name of the event between:

    • SmartFacePersonDetected

    • SmartFacePersonIdentified

  6. Save the Analytics Event.

After you created Analytics Events with correct naming, you may set up multiple alarms with various rules, triggered based on the incoming events. For more information, see the Milestone documentation.