You will need a valid license file to use SFE Toolkit or SFE Stream Processor.

Hardware ID

The hardware ID of your Edge device or PC is required to generate the valid license.

Please use the License Manager application to generate a Hardware ID for your device:

./license_manager_cli -p

You may need to install libusb-0.1-4 which is required to use License Manager on Linux x86 platforms

$ sudo apt install libusb-0.1-4

On Embedded platforms, the MAC address of the device’s network adapter is used as the hardware ID.

If you are using a docker environment, you have to use the License Manager Server edition:

$ ./bin/license_manager_server_cli -p 10

The License Manager Server application is available to download at our Customer Portal.

NOTE: If you require a license based on a different type of hardware parameter of your edge device, please contact your Innovatrics sales representative.

License generating

Use the hardware ID or MAC address (without colons) of your device to generate a license at our Customer Portal.

License deployment

Copy this license file to one of the following locations on Linux PC and Embedded Linux:

  • /etc/innovatrics (all users)
  • ~/.innovatrics (specific user)
  • working directory

and on Windows PC:

  • C:\ProgramData\Innovatrics\iengine.lic (all users)
  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Innovatrics\iengine.lic (specific user)
  • working directory

The name of the license file has to be renamed to iengine.lic.

License ENV variables

The license can be also set using environment variables:

  • ILICENSE - path to the license file
  • ILICENSE_DATA - base64 (RFC 4648) encoded license file content. Please note you have to disable line wrapping. To convert the license file to base64 correctly, please use the following command:
cat iengine.lic | base64 -w0 > base64_license.txt

SFE Stream Processor configuration

For SFE Stream Processor you can also set the license data via configuration parameter.

The license data is expected to be base64 (RFC 4648) encoded license file content. Please note you have to disable line wrapping.