SmartFace Embedded Toolkit (SFE Toolkit) is a modular, portable and easy-to-integrate SDK, that can be used in any facial recognition use case on various platforms.


SFE Toolkit supports the following features:

Platform support

SFE Toolkit supports the following platforms:

  • Windows x86_64,
  • Linux x86_64,
  • Android ARMv7 o and ARM64
  • Embedded Linux ARMv7 and ARM64

If you need to support another OS or architecture, please contact your sales representative at Innovatrics.

HW acceleration

The neural network models used in the libraries can be accelerated using one of the following neural network accelerators:

Download and install

SFE Toolkit packages for various platforms are available to download at the Customer Portal.


Each of the SFE Toolkit packages consists of:

  • root directory includes:
    • this readme file,
    • changelog,
    • EULA,
  • doc directory includes documentation in HTML and PDF format,
  • lib directory includes shared libraries compiled for one target CPU,
  • solver directory includes a set of solvers compiled to be accelerated using a specific neural network accelerator,
  • include directory includes header files with documentation of the C API,
  • bin directory includes:
    • pre-built example applications demonstrating the usage and integration of the SFE Toolkit libraries,
    • License Manager application compiled for the target CPU,
  • assets directory includes images for example applications.


SFE Toolkit consists of the following libraries:

  • (sfe_core.dll on Windows)
    • solver loading
    • image operations
    • error handling
  • (sfe_face.dll on Windows)
    • face detection
    • face landmarks detection
    • face mask detection
    • face template extraction
    • 1:1 face template matching
    • 1:N face template identification
    • face liveness detection
    • face and image quality attributes
  • (sfe_iris.dll on Windows)
    • iris detection
    • iris template extraction
    • 1:1 iris template matching
    • 1:N iris template identification


SFE Toolkit libraries provide C API. We can also provide a binding with an example application for the following platforms:

  • Python for Windows and Linux
  • Kotlin for Android
  • Swift for iOS
  • .NET for Windows and Linux


You will need a valid license file to use the SmartFace Embedded Toolkit.

You can find more information on how to generate and deploy a license on this page

Example application

To run the pre-built example application run the following commands in the package root directory:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib

To display options run:

bin/example_face -h

If you want to build the application, please follow the instructions in example/


Please contact in case of any issues or questions.