SmartFace Embedded (SFE) Stream Processor is a face recognition pipeline processing camera input and performing real-time face recognition on edge devices, like smart cameras and AI boxes.

SFE Stream Processor pipeline consists of camera input processing, tracking, face detection, face landmarks detection, face template extraction, face template identification, and sending MQTT messages (notifications) including the metadata, crop images and facial templates to a local or server application. You can decide what operations happen on the edge using the SFE Stream Processor configuration

SFE Stream Processor implements a strategy for processing the detected faces and sending messages from the edge device. The strategy can be also configured in the configuration.

SFE Stream Processor Pipeline

Main features

SFE Stream Processor uses the SFE Toolkit for face recognition and it supports the following features:

Additionally, the SFE Stream processor supports:


To install SFE Stream Processor on your edge device, please follow the installation instructions


You will need a valid license file to use SFE Stream Processor.

The license generation and deployment process is similar to SFE Toolkit. You can find more information on how to generate and deploy the license on this page


For more information regarding the integration with SmartFace Platform or other 3rd party solutions, see SFE Stream Processor integration


Please contact in case of any issues or questions.