The SmartFace Platform can be used as a back-end to your own systems and applications using the facial biometry and other features the SmartFace provides. You can develop based on our preexisting embedded solutions or using our APIs.

With our APIs you can build your facial recognition application to match your use case and needs. Such an application might be built for a wide variety of devices, including iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android devices, Smart Glasses (MS Hololens, Vuzix, Google Glasss etc.) or any other system where you can communicate with a SmartFace Platform server.

The features provided within the existing mobile applications are not the full extent of the possibilities. For example, the SmartFace Station was built using the very same APIs, proving the variety of options you have. If you need more information about what and how can be done, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To build your own application you can also use our existing SmartFace Embedded Toolkit and SmartFace Embedded Stream Processor.

Within this section we provide information about mobile applications, we have built for you using our APIs.