Identification Application

The SmartFace Identification app is an easy to use Android application dedicated for the quick detection and identification individuals against a watchlist.

  • It is designed primarily for Android mobile devices and smart glasses Vuzix M4000 and Vuzix Blade2.
  • The minimal requirement for the app is Android 9 or higher
  • It is supported by a specific subset of the SmartFace Platform’s REST API endpoints known as Lightweight Facial Identification Service (LFIS)) which allows you to manage watchlists, watchlist members, verification and identification.
ℹ️ A reliable network connection to a SmartFace Platform's server is required to use the SmartFace Identification App. Please ensure that your device is connected to the same network, or the internet depending on the server you are using.

Download and install

To download and install the SmartFace Identification App, please contact your sales representative to obtain the installation APK. Your sales representative will provide you with the necessary files and instructions to seamlessly install the app on your Android device.

Graphical user interface

The SmartFace Identification App contains the screen, it includes the primary IDENTIFICATION button for initiating identification and a SETTINGS button for configuration of the application before performing an identification.

Settings configuration

In the Settings section, you can configure the following options:

  • Server URL - set the URL of the server. The URL path needs to be full including the protocol http:// or https:// and also the port as per SmartFace Platform configuration and the / symbol. The default port is 8098. Such default URL to be set looks like http://<ip_address|host_name>:8098/
  • Authentication - enable the toggle button and provide a server username and server password if authentication is required.
  • Video Preview - enable or disable the video preview. When enabled, you can see the camera preview captured by the device. If disabled, you will see a transparent background on the smart glasses or a black screen on a tablet.
  • Camera Crosshair - enable or disable the camera crosshair.
  • Logs - option to manage logs:
    • Share Logs via Bluetooth - this button allows you to share the app logs with other devices via Bluetooth. By clicking this button, you can conveniently transfer the logs for further analysis or troubleshooting purposes.
    • Delete Logs - this button enables you to delete the app logs from your device. If you want to clear the logs and free up storage space, simply click this button to remove them from the app.

QR code scanner

The SmartFace Identification app offers the ability to scan settings using a QR code scanner. You can access this feature by clicking the button located in the upper right corner of the app interface.

Examples JSON for QR code settings

  • After scanning the QR code containing the app settings, a confirmation window will appear. This window displays the scanned settings for your review.
  • You have the option to either confirm or cancel the scanned settings.
  • If you choose to confirm the settings, the confirmation window will disappear, and the scanned settings will be applied in the Settings screen.
  • In case you cancel the settings, the confirmation window will close without making any changes to the current settings.

A sample of the JSON code expected in a QR code is below:

  "serverUrl": "http://<ip+address|host_name>:8098/",
  "authenticateEnabled": false,
  "cameraCrosshairEnabled": false,  
  "videoPreview": true

Performing Identification

Once you have configured the settings, you can proceed with the identification.

  • Launch the app and navigate to the main screen.
  • Click the Identification button to initiate the capture.
  • When a face is detected, the app displays a notification for few seconds.
ℹ️ The SmartFace Station allows you to manage watchlists and watchlist members for the SmartFace Identification App.


The app provides two types of notifications based on the identification results:

  • Match notification - displayed when a detected face is successfully matched against a watchlist.
  • No-match notification - displayed when a detected face does not find a match within the registered watchlists.

Match notification

  • the color of the match notification is determined by the watchlist in which the identified person is registered.
  • displayed information: the name of the watchlist member and the watchlist name
  • if the person is registered in multiple watchlists, the app displays multiple notifications

No-match notification

  • the color of the no-match notification is grey
  • displayed information: only the text “Not identified” when no match is found