Video record processing

To detect and identify faces in uploaded video files, video records must be processed. You can start processing on any video record in READY TO PROCESS state by clicking PROCESS button on the video record detail tab.

Video record detail tab - READY TO PROCESS status

A new tab with processing configuration will appear where you can change processing attributes. To start the processing, click on START PROCESSING button.

Processing configuration tab

After successful processing, video record is in PROCESSED state and all the data can be presented on history page. You can show processing results by clicking on SHOW IN HISTORY button, on video detail tab.

Processing attributes configuration

By changing processing attributes you can influence what faces will be detected, how many identifications will be done, how log will system process the video and many more. See attributes detailed information in the table below:

Attribute nameAttribute DescriptionDefault valueValue interval
VIDEO STARTStart time when the video was recorded.If the time of video start is not provided, SmartFace displays the time when the video record was uploaded.
COARSE GRAIN INTERVALThe period in which SmartFace makes a detection on a frame from the video.500 ms500 - 2000 ms
FINE GRAIN INTERVALThe period in which SmartFace perform more frequent detections around the time of the detected face.500 ms100 - 500 ms
MIN FACE SIZEMinimum size of the face what system can detect.35 px
MAX FACE SIZEMaximum size of the face what system will detect.600 px
MAX TRACKING FACESThe maximum number of faces detected on one frame.20
FACE CONFIDENCE THRESHOLDThe confidence threshold for the face detection4500 - 10 000
MATCH RESULTS COUNTHow many matches can be provided for one face1

Reprocessing video record

You can process the video record again when you see that the results are not good enough, clicking on the REPROCESS button on the video record detail tab.

ℹ️ You can also proceed with REPROCESS when your video record is in PROCESSING ERROR state.