Video record analysis

SmartFace Station can display face detection and identification results for each processed video record. To show results in standard view of history page:

  1. Click on INVESTIGATION icon in the left menu

  2. Click on the video record to display video record detail

  3. Click on SHOW HISTORY button

History event page for video investigation purposes

The main screen of history events consists of:

  1. page title part with the number of results displayed and the refresh button

  2. selected filters area - in this part, the video you are analyzing is preselected

  3. full-text search

  4. all available filters

  5. filtered results list

The SmartFace Station allows you to use filters to fine-tune your event history search:

  1. Date & Time filter

  2. Event type filter

  3. Face filter

  4. Face mask status filter

  5. Gender filter

  6. Matching score filter

  7. Age filter

People identification in the video

You can add people for identification to the watchlist and start the processing - use this approach when you need to identify more people on many video files.

Use face search function on history page - use this approach when you need to find one person on one or many video files.