Video investigation process

To do the investigation on available video files, please follow these steps:

Click on the links below to see details of each step:

  1. Upload video files

  2. Process video records

  3. Do the investigation

See the diagram for the video record lifecycle and possible video record statuses:

StatusDescriptionPossible action
READY TO PROCESSVideo record has been uploaded.Video record can be processed.
PROCESSINGProcessing has started, but not finished.No action can be taken.
PROCESSEDVideo record has been processed successfully.Video record can be reprocessed. Results of processing can be analyzed.
PROCESSING ERRORError occurred during video record processing.Video record can be reprocessed.
ℹ️ Please note that you can edit video record, manage tags and download at any time. Deleting the video is not possible only during the ongoing processing.