Video files upload

A user can upload one or more video files from his computer using the video upload screen. To open video upload screen, click on + ADD VIDEO button on Investigation video list page.

Investigation video list screen - ADD VIDEO button

To add new video records, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop video files to the designed area, or select the files from the file system by clicking the choose videos link

Video upload page - initial state

  1. Add tags to all video records what will be created (optional).

Video upload page - added videos for upload and tags

  1. Click UPLOAD


  • It is possible to upload multiple video files at the same time

  • You can see progress of uploading

  • Successfully uploaded video files are marked with a green check mark

  • During the upload process, it is not possible to add or delete tags

  • You can cancel uploading anytime

  • A red exclamation mark will appear in case of an upload error. You can retry uploading, or you can delete video files in error status

Video upload page - uploading process

Video upload page - uploading process was successful