SmartFace Station Feedback display

SmartFace Station provides an information to your security staff about a successful passage or an unsuccessful attempt of passing your access points. For an improved user experience, SmartFace Station can provide the same information to the person passing the access point. In addition to the dashboard, the notification about a passage or an unsuccessful attempt can be shown also on a feedback display. The feedback display can be enabled on a mobile device (tablet) installed nearby you access points, or any other device that can run a Chrome browser.

Example of the feedback display installed next to a speedgate.

Available notifications

The feedback display offers following screens with showing notifications about recognized events:

"Welcome" screen: A person was identified and access was granted.

"Put on mask" screen: A person was identified, but access was not granted due to missing face mask.

"Access not allowed" screen: A person was not identified as a member of any watchlist and passage is not allowed.

"Access not granted" screen: A person was identified as a member of a restricted watchlist or a spoof was detected and passage is not allowed.

"SmartFace logo" screen: The default screen shown after the notification was displayed.

"Error" screen: The error screen is displayed when a problem occurs.

ℹ️ You can customize the feedback display logo, idle state animation, notification texts and images. For more information, see SmartFace Station Branding chapter.

Enable feedback display

The feedback display is accessible through the web browser and is available per camera. To access the feedback display open camera details on Configuration screen:

  1. Open SmartFace Station

  2. Go to Configuration > Cameras

  3. Click on the desired camera

  4. Locate the button OPEN or COPY LINK to open the feedback display screen in the new tab of your browser or copy the url link for the feedback display screen:

Feedback display prerequisites

The feedback display feature is designed to be used on a mobile device. It is vital to the proper function of the feedback display that the SmartFace Platform and Access Controller is visible from the device where feedback display is running, ie. mentioned modules are accessible from the device. Please take in an account that feedback display URL and a port can be changed when KeyCloak authentication is deployed on your server. For more information about the KeyCloak see Authentication and user management chapter.

We also recommend to use a kiosk mode on your mobile device installed in the field to prevent people in front of your access points to interact with the mobile device.