Match notification detail

In the detail of match security event notification, you can find all available information about the detected and identified person. Depending on the SmartFace Platform configuration, you can find here images and data from the first or the best appearance of tracked person.

The detail of match notification is divided into three main parts:

  • Related images

  • Tracklet images

  • An information section with available metadata and with button ADD FACE TO THIS MEMBER

Match notification detail

At the top of the match notification detail, you can find a cropped face image from the original input frame, watchlist member image and the matching score (in this case 76). The original input frame is displayed on the right side of the panel. Below the original input frame, faces of tracklet are displayed. The tracklet shows the movement of a person within the video stream based on the detected face.

At the bottom of the match notification detail, you can find all available metadata:

Date and time04:58:27, 25/06/2022The date and time when the event notification appeared
Camera nameGatesThe name of the camera from which the event notification came
Watchlist nameInnovatricsThe name of the watchlist to which the identified person belongs
Age27Estimated age
GenderFemaleEstimated gender (Male/Female)
Detection quality2 190Face detection quality (0 - 10 000)
Template quality108The quality of generated template ()
Yaw angle-27The angle of moving the head left and right.
Roll angle-19Head tilt angle.
Pitch angle11The angle of moving the head up and down
Face size47pxFace size in pixels
Face mask statusNo maskEstimation of the presence of a mask (Yes/No)
Face mask confidence1613The confidence for masked face detection.
Nose tip confidence2075The confidence for nose detection.
Face area23%Face area on the frame in percentage.
Face area change3Face area change calculated as a
Face order1Face order calculated from face size
Faces on frame1The number of detected faces on frame

Add image to watchlist member from “Match” notification detail

  1. Open the Security dashboard , History page or Identification dashboard.

  2. Click on the “Match” notification. Notification detail is displayed on the right side of your screen.

  3. Click on the ADD FACE TO THIS MEMBER to confirm. The image was added to the member from match result.

Match notification detail

Image was added to watchlist member's gallery