Manage watchlist members

Watchlist members can be accessed by opening a respective watchlist. Members are listed in a plane table which is divided into discrete pages that are limited to display maximum of 100 members. When the limit is reached, members are displayed on the next page and the pages numbers are shown on the bottom of the page. The pagination helps you to navigate among multiple members.

List of watchlist members with 208 items separated into 3 pages.

Register the watchlist member

There are 2 ways to add new member into existing watchlist:

Register new watchlist member in the watchlists section

  1. Open the watchlist.

  2. Then, click on the +ADD MEMBERS button.

  3. Upload one photo per one watchlist member by dropping the photos directly on to the marked area, by choosing the photos on your computer or by taking a photo with the camera on your device. It’s only possible to add maximum 30 photos of watchlist members.

⚠️ To enable taking photos in the SmartFace Station, you need to set configuration parameter DOT_FACE_CAMERA_ENABLED during the SmartFace deployment and setup secure (HTTPS) connection to the SmartFace Station. If “take photo” feature is not available for you, please contact your SmartFace system administrator
  1. After you uploaded photos of watchlist members, click NEXT.

  2. You can enter the FULL NAME for every uploaded watchlist member. You may also add a note by specifying the NOTE field.

  3. Click NEXT to confirm. The members are added.

⚠️ Face not found on the uploaded image

It is possible that SmartFace Platform does not detect a face on the uploaded image due to the bad conditions for facial recognition (insufficient lightning, wrong angle, small size of the face on the image etc.). In such case, the system will inform you that the face is not detected on the image.

SmartFace Platform does not detect a face on the uploaded image.

Edit the watchlist member

  1. Open the watchlist.

  2. Then, click on the watchlist member you want to modify.

  3. Details of watchlist members are displayed on the right side of your screen.

  4. You may edit the watchlist member’s NAME and NOTE. There is also an option to configure additional user information below.

  5. Changes are saved automatically once you hit the enter or click anywhere on the screen or close the watchlist member detail.

Watchlist member detail.

Manage watchlist member labels

In the current version of SmartFace Station is possible to add more information about watchlist members in watchlist member´s detail. Labels are set of unique key value pairs - each label consists of a key-label and a key-value. This step requires manual changes in the configuration files on the web server or via REST API.

Manage watchlist member labels via configuration file .env

To add or change the watchlist member´s labels:

  1. Go to the location where you installed the SmartFace Station. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartFace Station\.

  2. Open the .env configuration file.

  3. Add new labels (e.g. Date of birth and Tax number).

ℹ️ Note that a key-label can be managed through the configuration file. WATCHLIST_MEMBER_LABEL is displayed on the SmartFace Station. A key-value can be managed only through the SmartFace Station or REST API.
  1. After you completed the changes, restart the SmartFace Station services:

    • Go to the Task Manager and select the Services tab.

    • Right-click on the specific service (SFStation) and choose Restart.

  2. After restarting the SmartFace Station service, you will be able to add values to the created or changed watchlist member labels directly in the web application in watchlist member´s detail

Watchlist member detail with labels (Date of birth and Tax number)

Manage watchlist member labels via REST API

The WachlistMember entity allows you to set watchlist member labels (key-label and key- value) via REST API. For example: labels Date of birth and Tax number

"labels": [
      "key": "date",
      "value": "12/09/1994"
      "key": "tax_number",
      "value": "123456"
⚠️ There is a possibility to manage labels via REST API in WachlistMember entity. To display the same labels in SmartFace Station, it is necessary to maintain consistency with the .env configuration file.

Manage watchlist member images

There are 2 ways to manage images to watchlist members:

  1. in the watchlist section: add/remove image to/from watchlist member´s gallery

  2. from notification detail:

Manage images in the watchlist section

It is possible to upload multiple images for one watchlist member. Multiple images stored for one member can increase the accuracy of the identification of the respective member. Images are displayed in member gallery in member detail.

⚠️ Be careful, when uploading multiple images to one watchlist member. Uploading mismatched photos to the watchlist member will cause the template poisoning and malfunction of the matching.
  1. Open the watchlist.

  2. Then, click on the watchlist member you want to add an image to.

  3. Then, click on the +ADD PHOTOS.

  4. Then, select the image you want to add for the watchlist member.

To remove the image:

  1. Open the watchlist.

  2. Then, click on the watchlist member you want to remove an image from.

  3. Then, hover over the image and click on the icon of the bin to delete the image.

  4. You can also mark multiple images and remove them at once.

Watchlist member image badges

Watchlist member image can be marked with badges located in the right bottom corner of the image.

Watchlist member images marked with a badge “A” are added automatically by Watchlist Autolearn feature. Images without this badge were added manually by the user. For more information, see Watchlist Autolearn chapter.

Watchlist member images marked with a badge “face mask” are added to the cluster of images where face mask was recognized by SmartFace Platform. For more information about autolearn clusters, see Watchlist Autolearn chapter.

Delete watchlist members

Select a specific watchlist and click DELETE next to watchlist member you want to delete.

You may also delete several watchlist members at once, by marking the checkbox next to the members and clicking REMOVE.

Multiple images selected for removal.