Manage a watchlist

After you created a watchlist you may modify the following characteristics in the Watchlists menu:

Edit the watchlist name

  1. Select a specific watchlist.

  2. Click on the watchlist name in the top part of the window. Edit the name as required.

Edit the watchlist matching threshold

For more information what is the matching threshold, see Matching.

  1. Click on a specific watchlist.

  2. Select the matching THRESHOLD depending on your use case. The default value for the matching threshold is 24.


Delete the watchlist

To delete the watchlist:

  1. Go to Watchlists in the left panel.

  2. Then, you may either:

  • hover the mouse over the specific watchlist and select DELETE,

  • or select the watchlist and click DELETE in the right upper corner

⚠️ Please note that deletion of a watchlist in SmartFace Station also deletes all watchlist members.

Mark a watchlist as restricted

A restricted watchlist is created by marking a regular watchlist as restricted. In the current version of SmartFace Station it is not possible to mark a watchlist as restricted directly in the web application. This step requires manual changes in the configuration files on the web server.

The change needs to be done in two places:

  • configuration file for SmartFace Station
  • configuration file for Access Controller.

It is possible to mark multiple watchlists as restricted.

To change the watchlist into restricted - SmartFace Station

  1. Go to the location where you installed the SmartFace Station. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartFace Station\.

  2. Open the .env configuration file.


Add the ID of the watchlist into BLACKLIST_WATCHLIST_IDS variable. You may specify multiple blacklists at once by entering watchlists' IDs separated with a comma (BLACKLIST_WATCHLIST_IDS=ID1, ID2, ID3).

ℹ️ To get the watchlist IDs, use the GET /api​/v1​/Watchlists in SmartFace REST API.

To change the watchlist into restricted - Access Controller

  1. Go to the location where you deployed Access Controller.

  2. Open the appsetting.json configuration file, which can be found in the folder where it was extracted.

  3. In the configuration section under the FilterConfiguration.BlacklistsConfiguration key, set the Blacklist attribute to the watchlist IDs, which you want to mark as blacklists. Note that this attribute is a JSON string array.

  "BlacklistsConfiguration": {
	"Enabled": true,
	"Blacklists": [ "8cb4a672-25b4-475f-bd94-2f8a31c760e1", "0794ff0c-9de6-49fb-877d-24bb46dc806e" ]
  1. After you completed the changes, restart the SmartFace Access Controller and SmartFace Station services:
  • Go to the Task Manager and select the Services tab.

  • Right-click on the specific service (SFAccessController or SFStation) and choose Restart.

Restricted Watchlists

When watchlist is marked as restricted it is displayed in overall list of watchlist and also in watchlist details.

Restricted watchlist in list of watchlists

Restricted label in watchlist details