Investigation module configuration

SmatFace Station v5_1.12 introduced a new investigation module, where user can upload video files for investigation. This functionality requires configuration changes for proper connection between the Min.IO and the SmartFace Station.

It is necessary to set these parameters in the configuration file in SmartFace Station:

  • S3_ENDPOINT - machine host name or IP where MIN.IO/S3 is installed (default - pseudo IP address of the local computer)

  • S3_ACCESS_KEY - login

  • S3_SECRET_KEY - password

  • S3_BUCKET - a container for objects stored in S3.

Default values after SmartFace Station installation are:


This will not work, when you run SmartFace Station on a client computer. The SmartFace Station will search for MIN.IO database on the client machine, not on the server.

Example with host name:


If the client computer is in the network, where sfit-sface-3w server is reachable, the user will be able to upload video files.

SmartFace Station configuration file location

Windows deployment:

The default location for .env file is: C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartFace Station\

ℹ️ Do not forget to restart the SmartFace Station service after changing the configuration.

For LINUX deployment:

The default location for .env.sfstation files is: smartface/sf-docker/

ℹ️ Do not forget to restart the SmartFace Station docker container after changing the configuration.