History events

Depending on your configuration, the SmartFace Platform can store detected faces, identified people, and recognized pedestrian events. The event history page allows you to perform advanced filtering and searching on all stored events.

The main screen of history events consists of:

  1. page title part with the number of results displayed and the refresh button

  2. full-text search

  3. filtered results list

  4. selected filters area

  5. all available filters

Page title

In the page title, there is always the actual number of events results displayed. To reload new events, hit the refresh button.

To perform a full-text search for recent events, type text in the search box and press Enter.

The SmartFace Platform will search entered text in the name, display name and description field of the identified person.

Filtered results list

In the results list you can find all detected faces, identified persons and detected pedestrians. By clicking on any line of the results list, the detail of Match, No Match or Pedestrian notification will open.

Selected filters area

If you select any filter from the list of available filters, it will appear in the “selected filters area”.

To remove one filter, click on X button.

To remove all selected filters, click on CLEAR ALL button.

All available filters

The SmartFace Station allows you to use eight filters to fine-tune your event history search.

Available filters:

General section

  1. Date&Time filter - with predefined date-time range or custom range
  2. Event type filter
  3. Source type filter
  4. Gender filter

Face identification section

  1. Face filter
  2. Matching score filter
  3. Watchlist filter

Face attributes section

  1. Face mask status filter
  2. Age filter

Pedestrian attributes section

  1. Age group filter
  2. Body orientation filter
  3. Upper body filter
  4. Lower body filter
  5. Accessories filter

Object detection section

  1. Animals filter
  2. Vehicles filter
  3. Other objects filter