Face filter

You can use face filter to search for faces in history events by providing a single face reference image. You must enter a threshold for the expected facial similarity before searching. Only events with faces with a matching score above the threshold will appear in the results list.

There are three ways how to provide a face reference image to search engine:

  1. by drag and drop - you can drag an image file from the file system or form detected faces from events history list page

  2. by choosing a file - you can use the file selector to select an image file from the file system

  3. by taking a photo - you can take photo using the device built-in camera or a USB camera connected to your computer

ℹ️ Supported file formats
The following file formats are supported: *.bmp, *.dib, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.jpe, *.jp2 , *.png, *.webp, *.pbm, *.pgm, *.ppm *.pxm, *.pnm, *.sr, *.ras , *.sr, *.ras , *.exr, *.hdr, *.pic, Raster and Vector geospatial data supported by GDAL

Empty face filter

Filtering process

  1. Provide an image to search engine (drag&drop, choosing a file or by taking a photo)

  2. System detects the face in the provided image

  3. If the face was successfully detected, you can set facial similarity threshold (from 30 to 100)

  4. Hit SEARCH button to see the results

Successfully detected face in the provided image

Warning when the system can not detect a face in the provided image

⚠️ If the SmartFace Station is set to use linear score instead of biometric score, you can set a threshold from 51 to 100. In this case, the default value is 95.

After a successful search, you can see all matched faces with reference image with score higher than the selected threshold in the History events list:

History events list - filtered results with additional column FACE FILTER SCORE

Taking a photo

ℹ️ To enable taking photos in the SmartFace Station, you need to set configuration parameter DOT_FACE_CAMERA_ENABLED during the SmartFace deployment and setup secure (HTTPS) connection to the SmartFace Station. Please contact your SmartFace system administrator if you do not see this feature.

Face filter with “taking photo“ disabled (left) and face filter with “taking photo“ enabled (right)

Camera component to take a photo

If your device supports more built-in cameras, you can switch between them by clicking the face icon in the upper right corner.