Create a watchlist

To create a watchlist, you have to name the watchlist, add watchlist members and specify a matching threshold. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Watchlists in the left panel.

  2. Select ADD WATCHLIST.

  3. Type the name of your watchlist and confirm with CREATE WATCHLIST.

  4. Upload one photo per one watchlist member by dropping the photos directly onto the marked area or by choosing the photos on your computer.

⚠️ In this step, it's only possible to add maximum 30 photos of watchlist members. However, you may add other watchlist members, after you completed this step. Please, see below.
  1. After you uploaded photos of watchlist members, click NEXT.

  2. Type the FULL NAME for every uploaded watchlist member. You may also add a note by specifying the NOTE field.

  3. Click NEXT.

  4. If you want to add more watchlist members, click ADD MEMBERS.

  5. Specify the matching THRESHOLD depending on your use case and CONFIRM. For more information what is the matching threshold, see Matching.

⚠️ The matching threshold depends on the specific use case. As a general rule, the higher the score, the more certain SmartFace is that the two images match. However, if the score is set too high, then SmartFace could incorrectly reject matching images (incorrectly deny access to an authorized person).