Camera preview settings

In the preview camera settings, you can choose which camera will be rendered in which camera preview window.

Only two camera preview windows are available on the security dashboard. That mean, only two camera previews can be displayed at the same time:

  • LEFT camera preview
  • RIGHT camera preview

To enter the camera preview settings, hit the SETTINGS button near to the camera preview title or click on the link settings directly in the empty camera placeholder.

Security dashboard with no camera preview selected

You can see a list of available cameras, which can be attached to each camera preview window. If no cameras are listed, go to the camera configuration section and create or enable some cameras.

Camera preview settings with no camera selected

To attach a preview of a specific camera to the left preview window, press the LEFT button in the row of the selected camera.
To attach a preview of a specific camera to the right preview window, press the RIGHT button in the row of the selected camera.
You can attach preview from two cameras.

To detach the camera preview from the camera preview window, you can click the x button in the selected camera section or press the selected LEFT or RIGHT in the camera preview settings:

To swap content of the camera preview windows, click on button in the camera preview settings:

ℹ️ If you have created a camera, you have enabled it and connected it to one of the preview windows, and you still do not see the preview of the camera stream on security dashboard:
  • check the camera itself
  • check RTSP stream definition (in camera and in camera configuration)
  • check MPEG1 encoder settings in the camera configuration (you must use API call to modify these values)


    "mpeG1PreviewEnabled": true, /* must be TRUE to start the encoding */
    "mpeG1PreviewPort": 30006,
    "mpeG1VideoBitrate": 85000,
    "previewMaxDimension": 640,