Face mask detection

SmartFace also extracts information if a detected person wears a face mask and also provides the information, if the face mask is worn properly. The information is provided in three attributes – FaceMaskConfidence, NoseTipConfidence and the calculated enumeration FaceMaskStatus.

Face mask attributes

FaceMaskConfidence – The confidence that a mask is present. It is a decimal number in the range [-10 000 to 10 000]. A higher number represents a higher confidence that the mask is present.

NoseTipConfidence – The attribute determines if the face mask is worn properly, i.e. that the nose is completely covered. It is s a decimal number in the range [0 to 10 000]. A higher number represents more confidence that the nose tip is visible.

FaceMaskStatus – The enumeration determines if the mask is present on the face. The enumeration has the values Mask, NoMask or Unknown. It is calculated from the FaceMaskConfidence attribute using the FaceMaskThreshold property of FaceMaskConfidenceConfig.

The attributes are extracted from face along with the age and gender attributes.


The face mask detection attributes are available on Face and MatchResult entities in:

  • ZeroMQ notifications
  • OData API
  • Rest API

Face mask detection attributes along with the filtering ability are also available in Access Controller. See the Access Controller documentation for more information.


Currently, the face mask detection is not available for the fast detection option.

The face mask detection is also not available for all faces created before face mask detection was implemented in SmartFace. For these faces FaceMaskConfidence and NoseTipConfidence will have the value null and FaceMaskStatus will be Unknown.