Detection is the process of finding objects in an entire incoming frame. SmartFace provides the detection of faces, pedestrians or common objects.

For video streams, SmartFace Platform is performing detection on incoming frames periodically with a specified time interval. This interval is usually bigger than the interval between frames, so the system doesn’t detect faces, pedestrians or common object on every incoming frame within the video stream. This is because the process is very consuming in terms of computing resources.

For uploaded static image files, SmartFace Platform is performing detection on every incoming frame.

When SmartFace detects an object (face, pedestrian or common object), the system creates a cropped image of the found object. Depending on the settings, SmartFace Platform stores the cropped image into the database, and optionally also the full frame.

In SmartFace, a pedestrian entity represents one pedestrian detected in a single frame, a face entity represents one face detected in a single frame and a common object entity represents one common object detected in a single frame.

Incoming frame - Face detection

Incoming frame - Pedestrian detection