Body parts detection

In addition to a face and a pedestrian detection SmartFace Platform also offers a body parts detection. The detected body parts are not visualized in video preview or in any other way. The information about the position of detected body parts is stored in the database and is provided to you as a part of the notification about the detected pedestrian.

For the detection of body parts SmartFace Platform uses OpenVINO model human-pose-estimation-0001 version 6. The model detects position of 18 human joints and can recognize whether the joint is left or right. The information about body parts and position of joints offers you a possibility to estimate human poses. There is multiple scenarios where estimation of a human pose can be used. For example for a detection of a person laying on the ground, person having its hands up in case of some violent act and many more. SmartFace Platform currently estimates a human pose which is used for a spoof detection.

Example of body parts detection visualized on a walking person.