How it works

SmartFace Platform

The main SmartFace engine processing data feed from IP cameras, videos or pictures and performing detection, extraction, matching, liveness check and grouping. The system can be accessed via an API or using real time notifications about SmartFace events. Database is also embedded in the SmartFace platform and is implemented with a configurable saving strategy – you can select what data and events should be saved to the database.

You can find more about SmartFace Platform here.

SmartFace Station

Graphical interface for viewing the recent events, passages and configuration enables easy monitoring as well as access to configuration and past events. The SmartFace Station can be configured in terms of branding and the logo, product name and company name can be modified by changing the configuration files.

You can find more about SmartFace Station here.

Lightweight Facial Identification Service

Lightweight standalone application which can be deployed in the cloud and serve as a service, providing identification and watchlist management through REST API. This application can be used for a variety of use cases where fast identification of people is required, including security monitoring, access control, 2nd factor authentication, retail, and many others. The Lightweight Facial Identification Service can provide 1:N matching and identification to 3rd party applications through an API based on face images, without the need to build a powerful onsite server with SmartFace Platform.

You can find more about Lightweight Facial Identification Service here.

SmartFace Embedded Stream Processor

SmartFace Embedded Stream Processor is a face recognition pipeline processing camera input and performing real-time face recognition on edge devices, like smart cameras and AI boxes.

You can find more about SmartFace Embedded Stream Processor here.

SmartFace Embedded Toolkit

SmartFace Embedded Toolkit (SFE Toolkit) is a modular, portable and easy-to-integrate SDK, that can be used in any facial recognition use case on various platforms.

You can find more about SmartFace Embedded Toolkit here.