Video Analytics System

The Video Analytics System post process recorded video footage from diverse sources, including Video Management Systems (VMS), Network Video Recorders (NVR), smartphones, and crime scene witness recordings. It matches individuals against watchlists, swiftly identifying potential suspects using the SmartFace’s facial recognition technology.

Law enforcement units benefit greatly from our system’s capabilities, but it doesn’t stop there; it’s also a valuable asset for facility and property management.


Our state-of-the-art technology seamlessly distributes the processing workload across all available resources, resulting in the ability to analyze the footage faster than realtime, reducing the amount of time and effort significantly.

This efficiency sets us apart from conventional methods, where human analysis is prone to errors and fatigue. While human operators might tire or overlook critical details, our system meticulously reviews the inputs, ensuring constant and unwavering accuracy. Bringing consistently precise results.

Uploade videos to analysis using machine-to-machine connection or upload with the easy-to-use interface of our SmartFace Access Station.

Inputs and Outputs

Video Analytics System is versatile and is designed to handle the full spectrum of video inputs from diverse sources. It effortlessly processes video files of various lengths, from short clips to hours-long recordings. Whether you have a single file or a thousand, our system handles them with ease.

Once the video analysis is completed, Video Analytics System generates a comprehensive list of detected and identified individuals. These results are stored securely in a data storage system, ready to be accessed and acted upon.

The results are seamlessly displayed in our SmartFace Station, providing human operators with immediate access to the outcomes of the analysis, enabling swift decision-making.

For Machine-to-Machine integration or a programmatic approach, our system offers REST and GraphQL APIs, allowing you to access and integrate the analysis results into your own applications, workflows, or systems.

Video Analytics System supports machine-to-machine connectivity, ensuring instant notifications of analysis results and enabling automated actions based on the findings.

Typical Use

The Video Analytics System offers a wide range of applications, making it an invaluable asset for various sectors. Typical users include Law Enforcement Agencies, Property Management and Private Security Companies.

Whether you’re in law enforcement, property management, or private security, our Video Analytics System equips you with advanced tools to enhance your investigative capabilities, providing efficient facial recognition and analysis of video footage.