Real-time Facial Recognition Platform

SmartFace the Real-time Facial recognition platform helps you to monitor critical areas like borders, government, or military premises by leveraging state-of-the-art computer vision technology. SmartFace detects and identifies faces across multiple camera streams with top accuracy in real-time and provides clear user interface to timely intervene and prevent security incidents at airports, shopping centers, public transportation, or any other public areas.


SmartFace supports the most challenging situations within a public security area. Utilizing proprietary top-performing facial recognition algorithms the SmartFace accurately detects faces including those covered with facemasks, in low indoor light, or from cameras streaming in the infrared mode for night vision.

Human body/pedestrian appearance detection and tracking add another layer of security for your organization and help you quickly identify suspicious people, avoid tailgating or soliciting, and to react accordingly. You can keep track of detected individuals across your premises in both time and space by grouping detected faces across multitude of cameras. Combined with an object detection, the SmartFace provides integrated solution for your needs.

Inputs and Outputs

The SmartFace utilizes camera streams covering the location - whether using RTSP streams from IP cameras, or Edge Streams from SmartFace enabled smart cameras. The streams enable several features such as facial recognition, pedestrian analysis and object detection. Facial recognition is also evaluating whether the image is genuine by utilizing a liveness detection.

When identifying people across the public it is important to gather additional metadata such as the estimated age and gender of the people observed. This information such as where and how many persons and objects are in front of the cameras in real time can be used either for data post processing or for preemptive security. The information about detected faces, pedestrians and objects can spawn notifications that can be integrated to other systems.

The SmartFace Platform is a multipurpose solution that is easy to integrate with other systems. It offers a robust API, allowing you to connect it to third-party applications and other modules to solve specific use cases. It also provides notifications about events recognized in the incoming video streams. Several integrations are ready to be used, such as integrations with the VMS systems Nx Witness Integration and the Milestone XProtect. Please see the integration documentation for futher details.

Typical Use

The Real-time face recognition platform is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of public security needs. Whether you require real-time supervision for large public events, public area monitoring, smart cities, or more localized applications like securing company properties and public transport, our platform has got you covered. With its advanced facial recognition capabilities, instant notifications, and powerful search functionalities, SmartFace offers a comprehensive and ready-to-use solution.

The platform’s scalable and flexible architecture empowers operators with powerful tools that provide all the necessary information to ensure effective security measures. You have the flexibility to choose between on-premises installation or cloud deployment, granting easy access via web browsers and a robust API for seamless information retrieval.

Combined with existing surveillance systems, data collection is taken to the next level. Detect and recognize human identities and suspects with precision. Benefit from instant alerts and notifications to swiftly respond to potential incidents. Recorded data is easily searchable and actionable for swift and informed decision-making.

Main Advantages:

  • instant alerts and notifications
  • record incidents
  • search for incidents

Typical Roles

  • Law enforcement vendors
  • Smart City Sys. Integrators
  • Security/VMS providers