Lightweight Facial Identification Service

The Lightweight Facial Identification Service (LFIS) provides identification, verification and liveness/spoof check of faces on images and manages facial recognition identities (retrieve, create, update and delete Watchlist Members and Watchlists using the REST API protocol.


The Lightweight Facial Identification Service communicates with the world using the Lightweight Facial Identification Service REST API, one of two sets of REST API endpoints of the SmartFace Platform. For the ease of use it provides a web interface using Swagger for REST API endpoints and the SmartFace Station for Watchlists Management and the Identification Dashboard. All available endpoints and services are documented, such as the most used endpoints related to:

The solution is perfectly scalable for both on premises and in a cloud use cases using the same services to achieve your goals. It can be used with a variety of docker orchestrators such as the default Docker Compose (please see for installation instructions) or Kubernetes and Nomad. LFIS supports variety of cloud deployments, single and multi tenant applications.

Due to the modular nature, the complex custom and diverse, even distributed setups are easily configurable for the specific needs of your project.

Inputs and Outputs

Using simple and efficient REST API you can send your base64 encoded images and get response to your identification, verification and liveness requests. The same REST API can be used to manage identities. Specific actions are triggered based on the chosen endpoint. In return, the REST API provides a well-defined response, facilitating smooth and straightforward integration with third-party applications and devices. The REST API uses data in the SmartFace Platform for both for reading and writing purposes.

The same underlying API is engaged for the Identification Dashboard that allows you identify a person based on an image uploaded by the web interface of the SmartFace Station or using your computer’s camera(s).

Typical Use

The Lightweight Facial Identification Service (LFIS) offers a wide range of applications, making it a highly valuable resource for various systems that require facial identification services. Whether you need on-premises integration or cloud-based functionality, LFIS provides an easily deployable solution suitable for both back-end and front-end applications, ensuring instant response with accurate results.

Many versatile use cases that can be realized with the Lightweight Facial Identification Service (LFIS). Its user-friendly deployment, fast response times, and robust capabilities make LFIS a valuable asset for applications ranging from public security and airport monitoring to attendance systems and automated payment solutions.

Used devices gain access to real-time identity information of individuals whether they are geographically distributed payment kiosk, augmented reality glasses or smart phones. Empowering their users with the instant trust.