Contactless Biometric Access Solution

Contactless Biometric Access Solution provides a seamless and frictionless access experience using the SmartFace’s facial recognition technology. It is a full set of components and tools to create contactless access control systems using accurate and fast facial biometric identification.


The easy-to-use interface of our SmartFace Access Station provides a quick overview to receptionists or security personnel of the current situation at each access point. Instantly see the information about detected, identified, or unidentified people who want to access your premises. Easily manage watchlists and blocklists for visitors and employees.

SmartFace Access Controller employs a customizable strategy to open access barriers while ensuring only an authorized person fulfilling all requirements is allowed to pass at the right time. Customizable filters allow the formation of the access strategy and configuration of the access logic based on your specific use case, ensuring seamless passage through access points. Sends out three types of notifications which grant, deny, or block the opening of access points based on the outcome of the filtering access strategy. With ongoing passive liveness detection, spoof attacks are automatically recognized. In such a case the access is blocked.

Inputs and Outputs

The SmartFace Access Controller is a standalone module that listens to notifications coming from processed RTSP and Edge streams about people matched against stored watchlists. These notifications are then filtered by a predefined set of rules. Only the notifications that pass these rules are sent out from Access Controller - it evaluates who to grant access to.

The rules are defined by a filtering strategy and the logic which can be configured based on your specific use case. The strategy ensures that only an identified person will pass the access barrier in the right time without stoppage or any further action.

Once a person has been granted access the information is being forwarded via a connector, such as a relay connector that sends necessary information into a physical system, eg. mechanical locks, turnstiles, doors, barriers, ramps, etc. With a combination of a relay and network setup it is possible to grant access to any integrated system. We provide templates for creating your own connector, thus allowing integration with your existing systems.

Easy integration with connectors that can directly communicate with:

  • access points
  • hardware controllers
  • or relays using WIEGAND, RS-232, RS-485 standards
  • directly by using dry contacts.

Infomation about the outcome of these processes is available through the SmartFace Platform and the SmartFace Station.

Typical Use

Contactless Biometric Access Solution build on the SmartFace Platform is ready to be used by anyone who would like to add an additional layer of biometry to their access control systems and use cases.

SmartFace is also meant for system integrators, property managers, and/or real estate developers to build access control systems based on facial recognition via integration through APIs, notifications and custom integrations.