SmartFace Station

SmartFace Station is a web application which is dedicated to the access control and security use cases and its functionality.

One of the main purpose of SmartFace Station is to display information about people who were authorized to pass the access point (turnstile, door, speed gate, ramp, etc.), alerts about failed attempts of unauthorized access, show face and pedestrian detection and identification.

SmartFace Station receives notifications issued by and SmartFace Platform (GraphQL Subscriptions) and SmartFace Access Controller (GRPC).

SmartFace Station is also capable of efficiently processing uploaded video files for face detection and identification. This feature enhances the platform’s versatility, allowing users to seamlessly manage uploaded files for various applications, including security, surveillance, and customer analytics.

SmartFace Station allows user to manage watchlists and watchlist members stored in SmartFace Platform. And also enables user to configure several parameters and options for SmartFace Platform and manage cameras connected to the SmartFace Platform. It is the easiest way to access and control the SmartFace environment.

For more information about the SmartFace Station please visit the manual page.