SmartFace Platform

SmartFace Platform is a scalable server platform for facial and pedestrian detection which can be easily integrated with third-party systems. The server platform can process and analyze multiple real-time video streams in parallel.

SmartFace Platform offers a number of features depending on the source. Main is the detection of faces and pedestrians in video streams, extraction of demographic information, such as age and gender, extraction of biometric templates from detected faces and identification of a detected face against people stored in SmartFace Platform’s watchlists.

SmartFace Platform also tracks the movement of people in the camera’s field of view and create unique tracklet of the face. Several such tracklets can be grouper together into an unique invidividual based on similarity.

It covers the most of typical use cases when it comes to facial recognition and biometrics. It allows you to process video files, images or live video streams from RTSP cameras or Edge Streams smart embedded devices running [SmartFace Embedded]. Results are stored in a database in the form of structured data together with images and can be accessed through the available REST API and GraphQL API. Information is also provided through real-time notifications GraphQL Subscriptions.

For more information about the SmartFace Platform please visit the manual page.