Access Controller

The Access Controller standalone module is an integral part of the SmartFace Platform, designed to handle notifications related to faces matched against predefined watchlists. The primary purpose of the Access Controller is to facilitate seamless and frictionless access control, enabling effortless opening of access points such as turnstiles, doors, barriers, ramps, and more.

This module acts as an intermediary that filters incoming notifications from the RTSP and Edge Streams through pre-established rules, only forwarding those that meet the specified criteria. It is monitoring notifications related to matched persons. When a notification successfully satisfies the set rules, the Access Controller generates a new notification for further processing. In contrast, notifications that do not meet the filtering criteria are discarded, preventing unnecessary actions or delays. This criteria can be empowered by a liveness test to ensure the genuineness of the individual requesting access.

The reason behind implementing a filtration mechanism lies in the need to distinguish identified persons from those not authorized for access. In certain scenarios, an identified person might be present in the background or amidst a group of people who are not registered in the watchlist. These undesired notifications can lead to access barriers being open for unauthorized individuals or those standing too far from the camera or access point.

This pivotal process ensures that once the necessary conditions are met, the individual is granted swift and effortless passage through the access point - whether a physical door lock, turnstile or software trigger to an integrated system.

For more information about the Access Controller please visit the manual page.