Uninstallation of SmartFace Platform

The following guide helps your system administrators to uninstall SmartFace Platform.

Currently, SmartFace Platform doesn’t support an uninstallation out of the box. You may perform these steps to uninstall a SmartFace Platform version in the following order:

⚠️ Before every uninstallation which is followed by an update, you should consider backing up your SQL and NoSQL database.

Uninstall SmartFace Platform

  1. Stop all SmartFace Platform services. All services' names begin with “SF…”.

  2. Execute the default uninstaller by selecting the file unins000.exe. By default, at C:\Program Files\Innovatrics\SmartFace\unins000.exe.

  3. Delete the installation folder SmartFace. By default, at C:\Program Files\Innovatrics\SmartFace\.

  4. Delete the NoSQL database folder Data. By default, at C:\ProgramData\Innovatrics\SmartFace\Data\. (You may need to enable to view Show hidden files, folders and drives in File Explorer).

  5. Uninstall all SmartFace Platform services. You should delete all services one by one. To delete a service, run sc delete "service_name" (For example: sc delete "SFBase").

  6. Delete the SmartFace Platform SQL database.

Uninstall SmartFace Platform prerequisites

Uninstall the following prerequisites:

  • Erlang

  • RabbitMQ

  • MS SQL Server Express

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable