Jetson device manufacturers

There are several manufacturers of Jetson devices. Jetson device can therefore differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Main difference can be in drivers installed on the device and JetPack SDK. It is up to you which manufacturers will you use, but please take in the consideration that we have tested only devices manufactured directly by NVidia and devices manufactured by Advantech.

Jetson from NVidia

We have tested Jetson device manufactured directly by NVidia. This device has JetPack SDK version 4.5.1 (L5T) installed with drivers from NVidia.

Jetson from Advantech

We have tested Jetson device manufactured by Advantech. This device has Advantech device drivers installed and JetPack SDK version 4.4 (L4T). It is not possible to upgrade JetPack SDK on Advantech devices, because of the linkage with the Advantech drivers. However, this version of the device was tested and was working properly.