Configuration in SmartFace Platform

Values can be defined in SmartFace.{servicename}.appsettings.json file next to binary.

Example of the appsettings configuration for service VideoDataAggregator looks like this:

    "Aggregation": {
        "AggregationSimilarityThreshold": 45,
        "TrackletAggregationPeriodMs": 3000,
        "MatchRequestParallelism" : 3,
        "Export": "Standard"

Or via command line parameters:

    Aggregation:AggregationSimilarityThreshold=45 Aggregation:TrackletAggregationPeriodMs=3000 
    Aggregation:MatchRequestParallelism=3 Aggregation:Export=Standard

Or by setting environment variables:

⚠️ Definitions in the SmartFace.{servicename}.appsettings.json file are generated during installation process. Changes to this file may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost after reinstallation. Create and use SmartFace.appsettings.user.json or environment variables instead.

More information about configuration dotnet core applications in general could be found here: Configuration in ASP.NET Core.