Transaction Tracking and Charging

DOT is charged for per-transactions usage. In order to allow this, the transactions performed by Digital Identity Service are tracked in logs and in an online Innovatrics server if enabled.

Reporting of Transactions

Online Reporting

Prerequisite: The Digital Identity Service deployed in production must be connected to Innovatric’s transaction collecting server via a secure connection, as described in technical documentation of DIS.

The transactions are tagged with customer’s individual API key assigned in the product license and used for the API calls.

No manual action is needed on customer’s side.

Manual Reporting for Disconnected Instances of DIS

Customer manually extracts and delivers logs stored in a specified folder of the DIS instance - see technical documentation of DIS. Customer sends all logs to Innovatrics on a quarterly basis or uploads them to the Innovatrics Customer Portal (when available).

Transaction Types Being Charged

Innovatrics is tracking and billing following transactions, each having equal price:

  • OCR extraction of data from ID document including visual and MRZ zone (both sides of document count as one transaction)
  • Liveness detection (Passive, MagnifEye or Smile type of liveness, each evaluation counts as one transaction)
  • Face matching (face vs document or face vs face, each matching counts as one transaction)
  • Face image evaluation (ICAO quality evaluation, cropping, background removal, age and gender estimation; any combination of these functions counts as one transaction)
  • Document NFC readout *
  • Document authenticity * (any combination of screen and print attack detection, BW photocopy detection and document data cross-check counts as one transaction)

* To be applicable when Innovatrics releases given feature

Data Security

Transaction logs do not contain any private or sensitive information about clients. Only failure statistics and data on transaction quantity and quality are collected by Innovatrics in order to optimize server configuration. These same events are also recorded in the service logs, which are fully open for customer audit. All monitored events are listed below.

Customer Onboarding API Events

EventAPI callParameters
dis-customers-newPOST /api/v1/customersserver-version
dis-customers-selfiePOST /api/v1/customers/{id}/selfieserver-version
dis-customers-livenessPUT api/v1/customers/{id}/livenessserver-version
dis-customers-liveness-selfiesPOST /api/v1/customers/{id}/liveness/selfiesserver-version
assertion (liveness type)
dis-customers-liveness-evaluationPOST /api/v1/customers/{id}/liveness/evaluationserver-version
type (liveness type)
score (rounded)
dis-customers-documentPUT /api/v1/customers/{id}/documentserver-version
sources (type of extraction)
advice (if advice type was provided)
dis-customers-document-pagesPUT /api/v1/customers/{id}/document/pagesserver-version
page (front/back)
recognized (level of recognition)
ocr-confidence (average rounded)
dis-customers-get-dataevery GET operationserver-version
operation (name of GET call)
dis-customers-get-personGET /api/v1/customers/{id}server-version
provided-selfie (true/false)
provided-document (true/false)
document-face-found (true/false)
dis-customers-inspectPOST /api/v1/customers/{id}/inspectserver-version
similarity-selfie-document (true/false)
similarity-selfie-liveness (true/false)
face-mask (true/false)
aspect-age (difference between estimation and date of birth)
aspect-gender (match between estimation and document)
dis-customers-document-inspectPOST /api/v1/customers/{id}/document/inspectserver-version
pages (count)
expired (true/false)
mrz-check (true/false)
text-consistency (true/false)
color-profile-change-detected (true/false)
looks-like-screenshot (true/false)
dis-customers-storePOST /api/v1/customers/{id}/storeserver-version
dis-metadata-getGET /api/v1/metadataserver-version
dis-customers-deleteDELETE /api/v1/customers/{id}server-version
dis-customers-selfie-deleteDELETE /api/v1/customers/{id}/selfieserver-version
dis-customers-liveness-deleteDELETE api/v1/customers/{id}/livenessserver-version
dis-customers-document-deleteDELETE /api/v1/customers/{id}/documentserver-version

Mapping the Charged Transactions to the API Events

OCR Extraction

Counted each time the DIS API call GET /api/v1/customers/{id} is called, where at least one page of document was uploaded for that customer entity

Liveness Detection

Counted each time the DIS API call POST /api/v1/customers/{id}/liveness/evaluation is called, no matter how many face images were provided for that liveness evaluation.

Face Matching

Counted each time any of the following two DIS API calls is called POST /api/v1/customers/{id}/inspect or POST /api/v1/faces/{probe_face_id}/similarity. The customers/inspect is matching the face between document and selfie. The similarity is matching any pair of faces provided.

Face Evaluation

Counted in following occasions:

  • Each time the DIS API call GET /api/v1/customers/{id} is called, where for that customer entity is a face uploaded and there is no document page loaded.
  • Each time the DIS API call GET /api/v1/faces/{id}/aspects is called
  • Each time the DIS API call GET /api/v1/faces/{id}/crop is called

Document Authenticity Check

  • Counted each time the DIS API call POST /api/v1/customers/{id}/document/inspect is called.