DOT Samples

Here is a list of sample projects with their source codes for reference.

DOT Digital Identity Service web sample

DOT Web Integration Sample

A Node.js application using apollo-server-express to provide GraphQL API for front-end client integrating DOT Digital Identity Service server component.

DOT Digital Identity Service Java samples

DOT DIS Integration Samples

A project containing sample Java implementation of common use cases for DOT Digital Identity Service server component.

Web auto capture components samples

DOT Web Samples

This is a set of samples showing the usage of DOT face and document auto capture components in different front-end technologies as:

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • jQuery (plain js)

Android mobile libraries Kotlin sample

DOT Android Sample

Project containing sample Kotlin implementation of DOT Face and DOT Document Android libraries.

Android and iOS auto capture components React.native sample

DOT React.native Sample

This is a sample showing the integration of mobile Face and Document Auto Capture components in React.native.