Start developing for Android

DOT provides Android developers with four libraries. This allows the developer to choose only the libraries needed for his/her use case. This helps to keep the application small. The libraries are:

DOT Android Document provides photo auto capture component for document scanning.

DOT Android Face provides selfie photo auto capture component, as well as on-device passive liveness and verification.

DOT Android Face Lite provides only selfie photo auto capture component with small footprint.

DOT Android NFC provides reading of data from RFID chip equipped documents.

DOT Android Document~1.5 MBandroid.permission.CAMERA
DOT Android Face~20 MBandroid.permission.CAMERA
DOT Android Face Lite~1.5 MBandroid.permission.CAMERA
DOT Android NFC~200 kBandroid.permission.NFC


The libraries are distributed as an .aar package stored in the Innovatrics public Maven repository. Please see the respective documentation of each library for download links.


The following license agreement applies for all the mobile components.

The DOT Android Face library is the only one that needs a license activation file, as it contains on-device functionality for passive liveness and face matching. Please contact Innovatrics to obtain the license file. Activation of the license is described here.


Source codes of a sample project showcasing all the Android functionality can be downloaded here.