What's new

List of recent changes in Digital Onboarding Toolkit.

September 2022

DOT Digital Identity Service 1.8

August 2022

Animations for auto capture tutorials

  • Vector animations in Lottie and Android Vector Drawable formats to instruct the user how to take the best selfie and image of document.
  • Customizable to match the design of the app.
  • Available in a GitHub repository

DOT Digital Identity Service 1.7

  • Introduced support for multi-tenancy of Digital Identity Service - cached data are isolated from calls with different API key in request.

July 2022

DOT Digital Identity Service 1.5

  • More information was added to the training set of the Passive Liveness Detection model to increase its accuracy. See the new FAR/FRR table for more information. The score distribution has changed, requiring a modification in the thresholds to maintain the same level of FAR.
  • Tens of new document editions are recently supported, including many US driver’s licenses Document changelog

DOT Android Document 3.5 and DOT iOS Document 3.5

  • More robust reading of Machine Readable Zone

DOT Android Face 4.10 and DOT iOS Face 4.10

  • Possibility to restart auto capture in case the captured image has low quality and app needs a retry

DOT Android NFC 2.3 and DOT iOS NFC 2.3

  • In order to be able to evaluate the passive document authentication on the server, the mobile component now returns also the raw NFC data.
  • The iOS version of the library also supports Access Control Protocol PACE for travel documents supporting it. This provides more security than BAC.

June 2022

DOT Digital Identity Service 1.4