Face Authentication (Selfie Login)

Biometric face matching can verify the user's selfie against a photo of the authorized person to unlock an app's functionality.

DOT can be used for face authentication use cases using solely the mobile components (leveraging on-device face matching). The app starts the selfie camera capture and verifies the face of the user against the photo (or face template) of the authorized person.

Face Auto Capture

The mobile components guide the user to take a selfie that meets specific requirements, such as ICAO quality or face matching. It will guide the user to position their face correctly. Read more: Functionalities - Face Auto Capture

Passive Liveness Detection

Passive Liveness Detection can determine whether the face captured is genuine. This prevents fraudulent login attempts that use the picture of another person. Read more: Functionalities - Passive Liveness Detection

Face Matching

This matches the live user with their stored photo or face template using our biometric face matching algorithm. Read more: Functionalities - Biometric Face Matching