active liveness detection - Liveness detection that requires the user to perform a requested action.

auto capture - Component that takes a photo of the desired object (either document or face) in the required quality without the user having to press the shutter button.

comparison score - Indicates the degree of similarity between two biometric samples.

document - In the scope of this documentation, this refers to “photo identity document”

document auto classification - Determining the issuing country, front or back page and type of document, such as passport or driving license, from the document image.

EER - Equal Error Rate, the rate at which FAR and FRR reach the same value

face detection - Process that identifies whether the provided image contains a face, analyzes the parameters of that face, and returns a face template.

face size - The larger of the two: the eye distance and the eye to mouth distance (distances are shown in the picture below).

Face size

face matching - Process that compares probe face with reference face and provides a similarity score for decision if the faces match.

face size ratio - Ratio between the face size and the shorter side of an image.

face template - Compact representation of face characteristics extracted from the face image by a neural network. This is used for face matching.

FAR - False Accept Rate, represents the probability that the system incorrectly accepts an unauthorized user.

FRR - False Reject Rate, defines the probability that the user is not correctly recognized and hence denied access.

FRVT - Face Recognition Vendor Testing, testing provided by NIST organization

iBeta - Organization providing testing, including biometrics testing & certifications

ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization

identity document, ID document - In the scope of this documentation this refers to “photo identity document”

ISO 30107-03 - Standard on biometric presentation attack detection

KYC - Know Your Customer

liveness detection - System’s ability to determine that it is interfacing with a physically present human being and not an inanimate spoof artifact or injected video/data. See also presentation attack detection.

minimum valid face size ratio - Limit value for minimum face size ratio. This limit is different for each detection mode.

  • Fast detection mode (dot-face-detection-fast module in Mobile SDK):
    MinValidFaceSizeRatio = 12 / ShorterSide

  • Balanced detection mode (dot-face-detection-balanced module in Mobile SDK):
    MinValidFaceSizeRatio = max{ (3 / ShorterSide) , (LongerSide / (120 * ShorterSide)) }

ShorterSide and LongerSide values are in pixels.

MRZ - Machine Readable Zone, area of photo identity document that contains important information encoded in a few lines of text that can be easily read with scanning machines

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NFC - Near Field Communication

OCR - Optical Character Recognition, process of extracting text to a digital form from an image

PAD - Presentation Attack Detection, see below

passive liveness detection - Liveness detection that does not require the user to perform any action.

photo identity document - Identity card proving the identity of its holder, having a photo and personal data.

presentation attack detection - Biometric data can be easily obtained directly from a person, online, or through existing databases and then used to create spoofs (or fakes) to mount an attack. The presentation of a biometric spoof (e.g. a facial image or video of a person on a tablet) to a biometric sensor (phone camera) can be detected by methods broadly referred to as presentation attack detection, PAD. See also Liveness detection.

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

sample - Biometric sample is information obtained from a biometric capture device, in the scope of this documentation it is a face photo.

TD1 .. TD3 - Travel Document type 1-3, as defined by ICAO Document 9303

template - Biometric template is a set of stored biometric features, created by converting a biometric sample to a binary representation (in a process called extraction).

threshold - Value of the comparison score that is used to decide whether there is a match.