Trust Evaluation

The Digital Onboarding Toolkit provides results to evaluate trust that can be given to a person verifying his/her identity remotely.

When the Digital Identity Service has both ID document photo and selfie photo, it can perform the inspect functions. These return various values that can be used as Trust factors.

Based on these, the solution using the DOT can automatically decide if the person’s identity can be trusted or not, or if there is a human inspection and decision needed. Ideally, all decisions should be automatic. However, at the beginning of a project it is better to analyze more edge cases manually to narrow down thresholds and then reduce needed manual input.

Trust FactorAPI EndpointReturn ValueDescriptionRecommended Effect on the Overall Trust
Face matchcustomers/inspectselfieInspection .similarityWith .documentPortraitSimilarity score between selfie and portrait on the documentReject if false
Passive livenessliveness/evaluationscorePassive liveness of the provided selfieReject if below threshold
Active liveness: Smile or Eye-gazeliveness/evaluationscoreChosen Active liveness for the provided photosReject if false
Age consistencycustomers/inspectageDifferenceWith .dateOfBirthDifference between age estimated for selfie and date of birthMark for review or reject according to difference
Gender consistencycustomers/inspectgenderConsistency.viz, genderConsistency.mrzDifference between gender estimated from selfie and noted in documentMark for review if false
Document expireddocument/inspectexpiredNotes that document is expiredReject if true
Valid MRZ checksumdocument/inspectmrzInspection .validIf document contains MRZ, notes that MRZ field might be modifiedMark for review if false
Text consistencydocument/inspecttextConsistency .consistentCross-checks the fields in visual zone with its representation in MRZ or other sourcesMark for review if false
B&W photocopy detectiondocument/inspectpageTampering .additionalProp1 .colorProfileChangeDetectedChecks the color of the document pageMark for review if true
Screen attack detectiondocument/inspectpageTampering .additionalProp1 .looksLikeScreenshotChecks if the photo is not taken from a screenReject if true