How to Read this Documentation

Use cases

presents the various business use cases in which DOT can be used.

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The use cases display the Functionalities that are provided by the various components of DOT.

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API reference

The API reference contains developer documentation of each separate component of the toolkit

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The Samples section contains source code samples for mobile functionalities and interactive samples of the server functionalities.

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The Glossary contains explanation of the specific terms used in this documentation.

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Components of the Toolkit

Server Components

DOT provides two components as stateless services.

Document server

Provides document type classification, optical character recognition (OCR), and document authenticity checks.

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Core Server

Provides biometric functionalities for processing face images, like face detection, face verification (1:1), and active and passive liveness checks.

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Mobile Components

DOT Document

provides a photo auto capture component for document scanning.

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DOT Face

provides a selfie photo auto capture component, as well as on-device passive liveness and face verification.

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provides reading of data from RFID chip equipped documents.

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